Alan was reluctant to allow Kelly to hold her 18th in his bar - especially after the way Will's birthday ended and he should have gone with his instincts as the bash descends into chaos as trouble Tricia's secret love life is made painfully public. Smarmy Scott tells Terry that Tricia came straight to him after their night together. Deeply hurt and brimming with revenge, Terry takes the micro-phone to let the assembled party-goers know exactly what kind of girl Alan's grand-daughter really is. Eric works his devious line of patter on Ned to try to coax the Steiff bear from him. He offers money, but is shocked when Ned tells him the bear belonged to Linda and no amount of money will make him part with it. Eric rethinks and approaches Ashley to allow him to run a Christmas toy fair. Mandy arrives back from visiting her father. Butch is delighted to see her, but her usual attitude towards him leaves him hurt. And Rachel tries to talk sense to Kathy but is taken aback by her viciousness.


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