The villagers take in the aftermath of Kelly's party and are clearly divided on who's to blame for Terry's outburst. Alan is in an unforgiving mood and lays the blame at both Terry and Scott's doorstep. Mandy and Vic stick up for Terry as both knew he really did have deep feelings for Tricia. Viv defends her son to the hilt and says that Tricia must have led him on. Tricia tries to apologise to Kelly for spoiling her big day, but is unceremoniously hustled out of the vet's waiting room. None of which is of any help to Terry who has packed his bags and scampered. Rachel's plans to manoeuvre a meeting, out of hours between Kathy and Dr Kahn, backfires dramatically. Kathy throws the past in her face in her most vicious outburst yet. Butch tries to get Mandy to go to the pictures with him but is crestfallen when she tells him she's working, even though he's bought tickets.