Billy is wounded and on the run and hiding in the Sugdens' barn. Andy tries to help his dad with food and notices that he's bleeding from the chest. His dad says there are some people after him and he must keep his mouth shut and tell no-one of his existence. He also tells the shocked schoolboy that he'd like to take him away to Holland to start a new life. But Andy is sceptical - after all he's been let down so many times. Eric works his charm on an elegant and rich new customer, Stella, who buys some expensive crockery from his shop. She spends around £1,000 using a platinum credit card - but Eric thinks he's struck gold when she accepts a dinner date. Chris has conquered Kathy's mood swings and persuaded her to see a private psychologist, at his expense. He also breaks the news that he's bought a haulage business. Butch catches up with Paddy after hearing he's been talking to Mandy again. He warns him off with the threat of violence and then casually drops a real bombshell that has Paddy shaking his head in disbelief.

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