Mandy is livid when Lisa admits she already knew Butch was in love with her. She turns on Lisa and Zak saying she only went through with the wedding to save the pair of them. Zak can feel his family beginning to crumble and rounds on Butch, pinning him against a wall. He asks him if he's considered what the village will think of his lies about having slept with Mandy. Butch tries to make amends but Zak, in a fit of rage, tells him to leave the house for good. He's no longer his son. Andy tackles Billy about the gun. He says it's to protect himself from the people who are after him. Billy starts to feel a little better and tells Andy they'll be able to leave soon - but they need some money. The youngster tries to please his dad saying they can go on the rob. Kathy politely turns down Chris's offer to stay with him while she recuperates. And Biff gets the wrong messages about Kathy's closeness to her ex-husband.


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