There is consternation among the Tare household when Eric walks into the Home Farm auction and starts to bid against an incredulous Chris. In a fit of pique Chris asks for the auction to be halted as Eric clearly hasn't got the kind of money he's bidding. But Chris is left helpless when he's informed Eric is bidding by proxy. It's all a fabulous game for the one time auctioneer as he plays with Chris as the bidding shoots well past the expected selling price. But who will win? Butch is beside himself. He's been kicked out of his home and now he's badly beaten up Marlon. Later Marlon hobbles off to the Dingles and confronts Zak. He's got to do something about Butch before the whole thing gets out of hand. As the household threatens to erupt Zak suddenly bellows that everything has been sorted and they will all enjoy a Christmas together. He's clearly the only one who believes that. Billy gets Andy to find out whether the Post Office will be manned on Christmas Day.