On the day of Vic's funeral, Kelly behaves appallingly towards Viv. At Vic's funeral, when Eric makes a snide remark about the Sugdens, Ned threatens him. As Vic is buried, Kim goes over to Frank's grave. Chris continues his amateur sleuthing and notices something very odd about Kim's behaviour. Is he about to make another dramatic discovery? A detective finishes taking Andy's statement and tells the terrified youngster he could have been in very serious trouble. Lisa lays into Zak with a few home truths. At the Windsor's house, Kelly and Viv have a massive argument. Viv goes into the kitchen and breaks down in tears.


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  • This New Year's Eve episode was broadcast at the early time of 5:40pm.

Memorable dialogueEdit

Eric Pollard: "I hear that homicidal maniac Billy Hopwood's been taken into custody."
Kathy Glover: "Poor Andy. Must've been dreadful for him."
Eric Pollard: "Poor Andy? Hahaha. Poor Vic, he's the one that's dead."
Chris Tate: "I think we appreciate that. It is why we're here, after all."
Eric Pollard: "Ah, but do you appreciate that it was that little thug Andy that was hiding his father all along?"
Kathy Glover: "Look, Andy's a good kid. Billy Hopwood must've forced him."
Eric Pollard: "Yeah. I blame it on those Sugdens. Letting those boys run riot."
(Ned grabs Eric by the collar)
Ned Glover: "If I hear anymore of this poisonous drivel, we'll be going to your funeral. All right?"
Kim Tate (to Eric): "Somehow I don't think you'd get such a big turnout, do you?"