Kim gets ready to leave the village, but not before going to Home Farm for a confrontation with Chris to get her money back. Chris offers to swap the money for James. Kim tells Chris she knows he wants her and kisses him. Kim gives a great speech about her time in Emmerdale. Chris tells her to go and she smacks him on the head with an ornament. Kim looks frantically for the money. She pulls Chris to the floor and tells him the truth about Frank's death. He tells her where the money is hidden. She unplugs the phone and puts it out of his reach, pours a glass of whisky on his face and leaves, rearranging her mystery rendezvous. Chris crawls to the front door of Home Farm as Kim and James leave in a helicopter. She calls herself Kim Tate again. The helicopter does a circuit of the village before flying off, leaving Chris unconscious in front of Home Farm. Meanwhile, Graham and Rachel argue, leading him to storm out and head off to a club. He meets a young woman named Nicky and tells a pack of lies. The evening, however, ends sourly when Graham gets angry at Nicky when she tries to kiss him. He returns to the village and pledges his love to Rachel.


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Helicopter pilot: "Kim Marchant?"
Kim Marchant: "No. Kim Tate."