Zoe feels a complete failure after her date tells her it was just a one-night stand. She turns to Chris for comfort and meets him for a drink at The Woolpack. But after one too many she leaves him deeply embarrassed by revealing hidden desires for Kathy - In front of her. Bernice makes a grand entrance tot the pub and immediately puts the girls' backs up. Mandy is reproached for being late and Tricia finds herself moved into a smaller bedroom to accommodate the new bar manager. Kelly is desperate for someone to talk to about her father's death and turns to Roy. Kelly comes on strong to him, but Roy says he's loved her for so long they should wait before taking their relationship any further. Kelly is moved by his words and kisses him. Zak spots some copper wire on a building site and decides to steal it. But when a security guard looms, Belle whimpers and Zak is able to get away undetected with his booty. He reckons his daughter has all the hallmarks of a true Dingle.


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