Bernice takes the girls by surprise and calls a team meeting. And both Mandy and Tricia are left shame faced when she tells them of the heartbreak of a broken marriage and how her hopes of happiness were wrecked. She says they are both young and carefree, why mock her plans? Zak has conceded to Lisa in the battle over the christening. But when she discusses godparents, Zak jumps the gun again. They ask Mandy to be godmother and Zak assumes Butch will be godfather - which provokes a withering look between Lisa and Mandy. Later Lisa confesses to Mandy that she really wants Paddy to do the job. Marlon nearly chokes on his pint when loves-young-dream Roy admits he's got something important to say to Kelly. Meanwhile Scott is aghast when Mandy tells him Kelly has admitted she's in love with Roy. And Viv takes decisive action over Donna and school.