Poor Mandy is left at the pub like Cinderella while Tricia and Bernice swan off to the Vets Ball with Paddy and overbearing Daniel. But Zoe appears like a fairy godmother at the last minute to wish Mandy to the ball and try to bring her together with Paddy again. When she arrives at the do she overhears one of Paddy's clients remarking what a change his partner makes from the person he brought last year. Mandy, flushed with tears, storms out, but in her haste leaves a tell tale sign that she's been there. As Paddy leaves he realises Mandy must have been there and goes in search of her with something very special to say. Marlon's birthday bash ends in tears when sulky Scott reveals that he has slept with Lyn and is force to beat a hasty retreat when the birthday boy attacks him. Lyn is full of remorse after all Marlon has done to win her back, but he is adamant they are finished. Kelly chases after Scott but ends up slapping him too when he tries to rake up the past. With her mind made up, Kelly goes in search of Roy with something important to tell him. Laura is shocked when she confronts a burglar in a late night visit to the office of the haulage firm. But the masked raider flees without her being able to recognise him. Chris arrives with police after a frantic phone call.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit


  • To celebrate Emmerdale's 2500th episode, this was an hour-long episode. Unlike usual hour-long episodes, which are two episodes merged together, this one was produced as one long episode.
  • An extended version of the 1998 closing theme was played.

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