Kelly and Mandy are astonished when they realise both accepted proposals of marriage the previous evening. Both realise independently the path to true happiness will not be smooth. Mandy will somehow have to get Butch to end their sham of a marriage, and Kelly knows she will have Scott to contend with once he hears the news. Zoe is delighted when Paddy confides what happened and there is even better news when their efforts at the Vets Ball appear to have brought back some disaffected clients to their business. Chris is certain Sean Reynolds was behind the break in an tells the police so. But without evidence they say there is little they can do except have a word with him. Chris and Laura are shocked when Sean turns up at their yard to 'express his upset' at what's happened. But his tone reveals he knows exactly who was behind it. Lyn tells Marlon that he worked so hard to get her back and wouldn't take no for an answer - now she will do what it takes to prove to him her fling with Scott was wrong and meant nothing. Can he really believe her?


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