Angie steps into the ring with Sean and Chris to try and bring some sense to the battle between their companies. But her visit to Chris is in vain when he says there is no chance of an agreement. Later, Laura goes to Sean to see if he is any more willing to try and find some way of resolving the dispute. But she is taken aback when, he steers the conversation away from business and focuses on her. Emotions run high when Paddy visits the Dingles to patch up the rift in the family. But his role as peacemaker hits a snag in the shape of Zak. Kelly and Roy are treated to a surprise engagement party. But while Roy basks in the attention, Kelly realises that Scott has used the occasion to try to destroy her relationship. Biff has an ulterior motive when he takes Kathy shopping - he wants to tell her how strong his feelings are for her. But, as he summons up the courage, the moment is broken when they bump into Graham and Rachel.


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