Biff and Kathy decide to keep their relationship quiet, but it's not long before tongues around the village start to way. A comment from Alice alerts Marlon and Betty to the news. And after giving Biff a grilling, the pair promise to be secrete. But the pressure of keeping a secret is too much for Betty, who tells Rachel and Bernice, much to Biff's annoyance. Graham persuades Rachel to stay at home and look after an ill Joseph. But when the school calls to ask her to come in Rachel asks Betty to baby-sit. Graham tackles Rachel about leaving Joseph, and when she tells him she is taking an aerobics class that night, he decides to his point by taking Joseph to the class to force her to come home. Paddy is reeling from the news of how serious his mother's condition is. When Mandy arrives at the vet's to find out where he spent the night, she is stunned to discover that he was with his mother. She can't believe he has been taken in by Paddy's mum's new story and decides to confront her face to face - with disastrous consequences.


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