Mandy suggests to Paddy that they should put their relationship on hold, so that he can help his mother through her illness. Paddy refuses, but it is clear that the pair are troubled by the situation. Mandy turns to Terry and Viv for advice, which Paddy will not like. Chris is delighted to discover that Pete's relationship with Kathy is over. But Kathy reveals she is seeing Biff and Chris is crestfallen. But when he later accuses Biff of only being after her money it's a comment he may live to regret. On returning to Tate Haulage, Laura says he can find another lackey, she's going back to her old job. Graham and Rachel invite Biff and Kathy for dinner. And there is a surprise in store when Graham reveals he is being promoted. But Rachel's blood starts to boil when Graham suggests they can now start to think about a family. Zoe's attempt to introduce herself to Frankie ends in disaster when Sean dominates their night out.


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