Chris's plan to destroy Kathy and Biff's relationship failed miserably - but even he can't imagine the fallout to follow. Biff tackles Kathy and demands to know what happened and when she fails to satisfy his curiosity, he visits Chris for some answers. In a heated confrontation Chris admits that they had discussed Biff's prowess - and is rewarded with a black eye. And there is more bad news when Laura tells him their relationship is over. Rachel's suspension over the drug allegations is sending her crazy - and she's even more distraught when Graham arrives and says that Miss Strickland intends to make an example of her. His suggestion to move away from the village leaves her speechless. Viv calls a family meeting and reveals that Vic's insurance money has come through. But Scott is annoyed that Viv plans to give Roy and Kelly money for the deposit on a house, while his share is to be invested in a trust fund. And Tricia is shaken by news of her grandfather's mild heart attack.


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