Graham is a haunted man and pours his heart out to Kathy. Then he turns to Ashley, but even his words of wisdom, fail to appease the devils in Graham's head. A regretful Chris tells Laura he can't remember the last time he spoke a kind word to Rachel, and laments how unfair it is that Joseph has lost her instead of him. A heartbroken Jack plans funeral arrangements, as Sarah struggles to hide her feelings of resentment after Rachel's affair with Jack. Eric is stunned to learn about Rachel and in a desperate attempt to find out what happened, turns to Paddy for answers. Roy faces Honeymoon hell when he is told that his holiday has been sold to someone else, and he's lost the deposit. Scott makes matters worse when he reveals he will be walking Kelly down the aisle on her wedding day. Tricia can hardly believe Alan is planning to sell The Woolpack - and that he has told Bernice first. An angry Tricia nearly tells Bernice about her fling with Gavin.


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