Kelly's happiness with married life is short lived. The new bride can hardly contain her disappointment at having to spend her honeymoon surrounded by Dingles. And when Zak asks the newlyweds to take Belle on a walk, Kelly breaks down and admits to Roy that she has nothing in her life to look forward to. In a desperate attempt to make his wife happy, Roy crawls back to Chris and asks him if his offer of a holiday in Paris is still on. Kathy volunteers to go with Graham to a tree planting ceremony for Rachel. But he occasion is marred when Graham flies into a rage after discovering that Miss Strickland will not be attending. Bernice and Gavin try to persuade Alan not to put The Woolpack on the market until they have secured a loan - much to Tricia's annoyance. And Sean is forced to rake up the past when Chris refuses to take on a new contract for Tate Haulage.