The course of true love is running anything but smooth for Butch. The young lad turns to Betty for advice about Emily, but their conversation leaves her confused. And when Viv tells her that Emily is terrified of Butch, Betty is left speechless. Betty then confronts Emily and questions her about her bruises, but her reluctance to answer only leads to one conclusion - Butch is responsible. Kathy and Biff's wedding preparations hit a snag because Roy and Marlon are convinced they will be his best man. Before Biff can let Roy down gently, Graham's advice persuades the lad to reject the role. Stella offers Bernice the money to buy The Woolpack. But she is surprised when her offer is refused. But the glamorous barmaid begins to regret her noble stance when Alan reveals that Ploughman's Theme Pubs are interested in buying The Woolpack. And Jack rents out a room in his house to Pete, much to Robert's annoyance.

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