Emily faces an uphill struggle with her father John, when she tries to persuade him that Butch's intentions are honourable. Meanwhile, fed up Butch can't believe that Emily doesn't want to see him anymore. Lisa visits John and tries to win him over, but her efforts are in vain. But will Butch give up so easily? Bernice is disappointed to learn that Ploughman's Pubs will be buying The Woolpack. But Gavin has his own plans, and they involve Stella. Eric offers Zak a job - collecting gym equipment. But the pair are incensed when a mischievous Ollie interferes. Kathy's temper gets the better of her when Marlon suggests he should be made manager of the Diner. And Viv is outraged to discover that Scott is unable to repay Kelly's deposit money. Stella discovers that money doesn't necessarily bring happiness. When she finds Tricia looking around the stables at Home Farm, Gavin tells her the young barmaid is convinced she will be moving to Home Farm when Stella accepts Alan's proposal. Stella's mood is not improved when Viv arrives and asks her for a loan to cover Kelly's deposit on a house. She turns to Ashley for advice but is left exasperated when he suggests she should share her good fortune by making a donation to the church roof fund. And when Stella gives Alan her answer to his proposal of marriage, she is left speechless by his response. Sarah's night of romance with Jack doesn't go to plan. When an argument erupts, Sarah is left with only a bottle of wine for company. And when Jack returns to find her drunkenly dancing with Pete, he can hardly contain his fury. Kelly and Roy visit a mortgage advisor - much to Viv's concern. Scheming Zoe talks Chris into sending Frankie on a three week trip to Eastern Europe in an attempt to break up her relationship with Maggie.