Mandy and Paddy's wedding is in danger of being wrecked when the police arrive. She is determined no one will spoil her big day and urges a bemused Ashley to continue with the service. It needs a miracle to save the day as Eric watches smugly. But he's got a big shock coming. Marlon erupts in fury when he sees Lyn dancing with Scott, and is left heartbroken when she tells him their relationship is over. Kelly is jealous to hear that Paddy and Mandy will be staying at Zoe's cottage rent-free for two months. Chris is relieved to learn that his kidnapper has sent Zoe a ransom demand.


Regular castEdit

  • Zoe Tate - Leah Bracknell
  • Paddy Kirk - Dominic Brunt
  • Kelly Glover - Adele Silva
  • Robert Sugden - Christopher Smith
  • Andy Hopwood - Kelvin Fletcher
  • Jack Sugden - Clive Hornby
  • Sarah Sugden - Alyson Spiro
  • Victoria Sugden - Hannah Midgley (uncredited)
  • Pete Collins - Kirk Smith
  • Emily Wylie - Kate McGregor
  • Lisa Dingle - Jane Cox
  • Roy Glover - Nicky Evans
  • Sean Reynolds - Stephen McGann
  • Terry Woods - Billy Hartman
  • Graham Clark - Kevin Pallister
  • Mandy Dingle - Lisa Riley
  • Elsa Chappell - Natasha Gray
  • Alan Turner - Richard Thorp
  • Tricia Stokes - Sheree Murphy
  • Betty Eagleton - Paula Tilbrook
  • Kathy Glover - Malandra Burrows
  • Alice Bates - Rachel Tolboys
  • Joseph Tate - Oliver Young (uncredited)
  • Angie Reynolds - Freya Copeland
  • Scott Windsor - Ben Freeman
  • Richie Carter - Glenn Lamont

Guest castEdit

To be added