A new chapter is beginning in Kathy's life - but will Alice be a part of it? Her decision to put Alice's happiness before her own is bound to leave her heartbroken. Kathy asks Alice if she would like to go and live in Australia with Elsa. When Alice asks her if she wants her to go, Kathy is forced to fight against her feelings. As Elsa arrives to collect Alice, Kathy's emotions begin to bubble towards the surface, but will she change her mind before it is too late? Bernice and Marlon's efforts at matchmaking are successful when Richie asks Tricia out for dinner. Bernice offers Tricia some words of advice and tells her that she should show Richie her hidden depths by making him laugh. But while Tricia reflects on how successful their evening was, Richie has a different view. Chris comes to the conclusion that the relationship he has built with Liam will protect him from being hurt. And Paddy tells Zoe that he has reservations about attending Kelly and Roy's dinner party as it is being held at their employer's holiday home.


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