Liam decides to spend his birthday with family… Chris and Zoe! First he shares a bottle of wine with his imprisoned half brother. Then he joins Zoe in The Woolpack for a celebratory drink. When Eric launches a cheap shot against Chris, Liam jumps to his defence. But he begins to panic when Zoe points out that he is the only person who talks about Chris in the present tense! Kelly and Roy's dinner party is a complete disaster. Roy suspicions are aroused when Kelly appears wearing some new jewellery, belonging to the owner of the holiday cottage. Mandy and Paddy arrive making Kelly jealous of their lifestyle, and the party soon draws to a finish. The owner Ms. Curtis arrives unannounced and is so shocked at the state of her cottage, she phones the police. Graham tells Alan that Kathy needs some one to look after her. And Emily admits to Butch that she can not help worrying about her father.


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