Ashley is a man on a mission - he is determined to find out the truth behind Gavin's sudden disappearance - and nothing will get in his way. Alan puts him off the scent when he tells him that Gavin is visiting his parents. But his suspicions go back into overdrive when Bernice's mask begins to slip. Tricia tries to stop him interfering, but Ashley is not prepared to take no for an answer. Bernice's mum Diane returns to the village, unaware of her daughter's heartbreak. Chris's Christmas Party turns into a shambles when he catches Sean chatting up Claudia. The drunken Tate considers himself a better catch and makes a pass at her - much to Claudia's horror. Unable to put up with her boss's sleazy ways, the nanny immediately resigns. Zoe tries to make Claudia reconsider, but will she be able to change her mind? And Paddy invites Jason to spend Christmas Day at the Dingles.