Ashley gets his dog collar in a twist when he decides to confess his love for Bernice. Bolstered by Zoe's words of wisdom he manages to dodge Diane and tells Bernice he's got something to say. When she says she knows he misunderstands and unnoticed moves in for a kiss only to be devastated when Bernice says she'll happily help out at the Church sale. And Scott is shocked when Bernice presents him with a huge bill for his works Christmas party which she wants paying the following day. The turmoil at the Sugdens is affecting Andy, only days before the boy is officially adopted by the family. But Jack reassures the perceptive youngster that whatever happens between him and Sarah he will still be his father. Kelly is deeply hurt when Scott warns her Lyn is coming back for a few days. Kathy has pangs of guilt about betraying Rachel with Graham. And Mandy phones Paddy to say she'll be back tomorrow.


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