Roy has a heart to heart with Seth regarding his relationship with Kelly. His dreams are in tatters due to his wife's revelations. When Donna visits her sister and tells her how bad things are in the Windsor household, Kelly promises that she will be home soon. Kelly admits to Chris that she has been running away from her problems. Eric puts part two of his plan to flush Graham out into action. Concerned for Kathy's safety, he delivers another anonymous letter, alluding to Graham's involvement in his first wife's death. With his back against the wall, Graham approaches Kathy and tells her he wants to start a new life away from the village. But how will she react? Betty reveals the truth about Reggie's involvement in her life to Seth. Zak and Lisa are dumbfounded when a face from the past appears on their doorstep. Chris sends Terry to bid for the Wylie Farm at auction. And Jack tells Sarah that he is not looking forward to lying at Andy's adoption hearing about the state of their marriage.