Sarah gets angry when Jack's assumes that after last night, their relationship is back to normal. Jack tells Kathy that Sarah is only staying with him for the sake of the children. Sarah is furious to learn that Jack has been discussing the state of their marriage with Kathy. When Kathy offers her advice, Sarah tells her that she has no right to interfere in her affairs, especially after she gave up Alice without a fight. Lisa confronts Nellie and demands that she looks for somewhere else to live, but is left speechless when Zak says his ex will always be welcome. Eric goads Graham when he tells him that he has an appointment with his solicitor. Kathy offers Emily a job at the Diner - an action that causes a storm with her employer Viv. Betty confides to Bernice that she has done something daft - she has proposed to Seth and he has accepted. And Richie invites Sarah for a quiet drink at his offices - but will she accept?

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