Jack and Diane argue about Victoria being left alone and Diane assures Jack that she is on his side. Richie and Sarah also argue about Victoria being left on her own. Richie tells Sarah that she is a bitch. Full of rage, she tells him to get out. At Home Farm, Chris wants a problem with his computer sorted out, but Richie is in a world of his own. Chris at first seems sympathetic but then tells Richie that if his concentration is dwindling because of a row with Sarah, he doesn't want to hear about it. Bernice asks Diane what is wrong and, irritated over her mother's dodging of the issue, twigs that she is in love with Jack. Sarah takes Victoria to Angie's, leaving Victoria to play with Ollie. Robert gets ready to leave Kathy's, but Kathy tells him that he can stay for longer if he wants. That evening, Richie drives past Sarah heading towards the house. When they see the door open, they think it's Jack and they head to the barn, where Richie professes his love for Sarah. Sarah sees someone heading into the barn and leads Richie up to the haybales. The person is revealed to be Andy, who pours petrol through the barn and lights it. Fire spreads throughout the barn and Richie manages to jump down. Richie desperately tries to persuade Sarah to jump down, but she's too scared. The ladder up to the haybales is blown down, sealing Sarah's fate. Jack, Robert and Andy see the commotion and hear Sarah's piercing screams but are unaware that it is her in the barn. As Robert goes to call 999, Richie comes out. The barn explodes, leaving the four devastated.


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