A new family lands in Emmerdale and prove themselves a smash from the outset. As Phil arrives with Jess, he crashes into Maggie, Lucy and Craig and Scott is forced to come to their rescue, but their prang proves unfortunate for Rodney who is forced to introduce them as the new management at the holiday village. Scott is flabbergasted and tells Rodney what he can do with his job. Charity can't escape Zoe's wicked ways in The Woolpack and she insinuates that her refusal to sign the prenuptial agreement is proof that she only wanted Chris for his money. With Ashley's 40th on the horizon and Bernice not around to arrange anything, it is left to Emily and Nicola to plan a surprise birthday bash. The families of the teenagers struggle to come to terms with the truth behind Miss Strickland's death.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



  • First appearances of Craig, Lucy and Maggie Calder and Phil and Jess Weston.
  • This was an hour-long episode. Unlike usual hour-long episodes, which are two episodes merged together, this one was produced as one long episode.

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