Joe and Frank discuss Marian and Jack. Henry tells Annie that Emmerdale Farm needs a telephone, he asks Peggy to do the accounts for the company. Jack visits Frank to tell him that he will be able to be his best man. Laura takes an interest in Jack - the feeling seems to be mutual. Jack visits the farm where Annie tells him off for not visiting sooner and asks what happened with Marian. Peggy is not feeling very well. Alterations are taking place at The Woolpack and Amos worries about his future. Joe shows him an newspaper article in which the chairman of Dale Breweries says he wants to create a family atmosphere in his pubs, he also finds out that he is chairman of the Prisoners Rehabilitation Board - this makes Amos think. Matt calls a doctor for Peggy. Trash shows Jack a watch he found and asks him to hand it in to the police. He reads 'Field of Tares' while Jack is out. The Verneys and the Ruskins discuss Jack Sugden before he arrives at the vicarage. George notices the spark between Laura and Jack.


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