In the morning after the storm, a cleanup operation is underway, with building work going on at the Woolpack. Shadrach goes to steal some alcohol, but Jarvis tries to stop him and when Jarvis suggests that Edna can sleep at his, as her house, while structurally sound, has been affected by the storm, she accuses him of being a shirker, which offends him. Donna complains about her birthday - her new car is trashed, her head hurts and just as she can legally buy a drink in the pub, it collapses. Chloe suggests that Viv opens the cafe, but not to charge customers. At the hospital, Tricia lies in a critical condition in hospital, with Marlon constantly watching over her, imploring her to wake up. Ashley, too, lies in the hospital, but is in a less critical state - his leg has been saved. Scott heads over to Home Farm to see how Jean is and tells Zoe the news about Ashley. Zoe offers to reinstate Scott, but he tells her he'll accept if they start discussing about giving Scott access to Jean. Marlon, Steph and Alan watch over Tricia until suddenly, she flatlines. While Marlon is hysterical with worry (not helped by the fact that the nurses won't give any updates or reassurance), he is summoned to see the consultant, Mr McDerrick, alone in his office. Mr McDerrick tells Marlon that Tricia suffered a cardiac arrest. Her heart was successfully restarted, but her brain was starved of oxygen, leaving her in a coma. He then breaks to Marlon the tragic news that, due to no brain activity, Tricia is effectively dead. While Marlon walks through the corridor, trying to take in what has been said to him by Mr McDerrick, Ethan gives out a prayer in the cafe and Jack raises a toast to Tricia. Marlon tearfully tells a shocked Paddy, Emily, Zak, Lisa, Diane, Steph and Alan that Tricia is gone.


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Memorable dialogueEdit

Ethan Blake: "Lord, we thank you for the strength of this community, working so hard together. And we ask you at this time to bring your strength to those injured in the storm, and to their loved ones. To bring them comfort in their pain and distress, to fortify them, ready to face whatever trials may follow. Amen."
Villagers: "Amen."
Jack Sugden: "Here's to Tricia."
Villagers: "To Tricia."

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