All eyes are on Charity as she prepares to meet her fate in court. Several witnesses are called to be questioned on the first day of the trial. Charity and Debbie are on tenterhooks as Cain is called to the stand. Having originally made a statement condemning his cousin, Cain shocks the court by protesting her innocence, backing up Charity’s story that Chris killed himself. The prosecution attempts to silence Cain, insisting he must only answer questions, but gallant Cain refuses to back down. He taunts the judge before being dragged from court sentenced to 30 days in jail for contempt. Zak jumps to his feet to applaud his son, beaming with pride, while Debbie is smiling through her tears. Does Charity have a stab at freedom after all? Worried that the case is taking a sudden turn, Zoe panics that Charity may get off after all. Loyal for his daughter’s sake, Scott tries to reassure his boss that everything is going to be all right. Meanwhile, deep in grief, Marlon is unable to sleep. Not even looking after the puppy takes his mind off things. Nostalgic, he takes the dog for a walk in the village but finds himself drawn towards places that remind him of Tricia. He stumbles across Bernice at The Woolpack. The place is still littered with debris from the storm. Saddened by the sight before their eyes, Bernice admits it’s time they got the place up and running again. Inspired, Marlon agrees and offers to help. Bernice is pleased to see a spark of enthusiasm as they get to work. Terry is determined to get back to full fitness as quickly as possible, and aims to be back at work by March. However, Dawn thinks his ideas are over ambitious and worries for his health. They share a heart-felt moment, where Dawn tells him she loves him, he tells her he is the luckiest man alive and promises not to over do it.


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