Tension is mounting in the court as the second day of the trial unfolds. In the dock, Scott is taken apart by the defence lawyer, much to Zoe’s horror as she was relying on her new lackey to strengthen the case against Charity. Later that evening, when court is adjourned, Charity decides to pay Zoe a visit. She is determined that this could be her last chance to get Zoe to change her statement before she is called as a witness in the morning. After heated discussion, Zoe finally cracks asking what she wants and Charity admits that she is terrified of going to prison, insisting that Zoe is the only person who can help her. With emotions running high, Charity takes a different approach and catches Zoe off guard with a long seductive kiss. As Charity leaves, she is quietly confident that her manipulation has given her the upper hand on the situation with Zoe. But will the passionate clinch be enough to secure her freedom? Meanwhile, Bernice and Ashley spend quality time together for the first time in two years. Cosy and trauma free, Bernice gets to know her husband again. She asks what it is like to walk with crutches and amuses Ashley by having a go. Her clumsy efforts leave her in a heap on the floor, and as the vicar tries to help her up he ends up tumbling too. Louise is far from amused when she arrives clutching a bottle of wine to find her boyfriend and his ex-wife rolling around on the floor helpless with laughter.


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