Charity prepares to take her future into her own hands as she is called to the dock. Aware that this is her last stab at freedom she tries to remain composed. Sticking firmly to her statement, Charity is cross-examined but pleads not guilty once more. The defence tries to antagonise her to shreds but defiant Charity stands her ground. Finally the judge sums up the case asking the jury to make their decision. As the court reassemble, all eyes are on Charity as the jury give their verdict. Will she go down for a murder she didn’t commit? Eric is shocked to receive a call from police saying that they have found some shoes that they think might be Gloria’s. When the police bring them to the factory, Eric breaks down as he identifies them as belonging to Gloria. Dizzy Laurel can’t help but feel excited when she hears that Louise and Ashley have split up. She suddenly goes off her food and stares endlessly into space. She tries to keep her feet on the ground as she contemplates whether she and the vicar will ever get together. Elsewhere in the village, Nicola is self-conscious as she tries to hide her new braces. Her usual air of confidence is dampened and she explains that she’s going to have them on for a year to correct her teeth.


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