Having been caught in the act with Katie and trapped in a burning garage, Robert is on the warpath as far as Daz is concerned and is determined to silence him before he blabs to Andy about the affair. Robert throws his weight around before making an agreement with the delinquent that they will both keep quiet, meaning that Robert won’t tell the police that Daz started the fire and Daz will keep quiet about Robert’s relationship with Katie. Meanwhile, Simon cooks dinner for Nicola at Emily and Paddy’s and they share an enjoyable evening. But when they return to Mill Cottage, Simon meets Bernice for the first time and Nicola is upset by a comment he makes about Bernice being attractive. Feeling insecure, Nicola tells Simon about Carlos, explaining that Bernice’s affair with her husband-to-be broke her heart. But it is clear that frosty Nicola is quickly warming to Simon as she gives him an intimate kiss goodnight, much to his delight. Elsewhere in the village, Diane and Bernice get drunk on brandy together but as they talk about Tricia, in a fit of anger Diane hurls her glass across the room. Shocked Bernice tries to calm her down but Diane admits she isn’t coping well with her grief.


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