Diane is up early in preparation for her engagement party but her excitement is dampened when she sees the last of the scaffolding being removed from The Woolpack and her thoughts turn to Tricia. Later as she undertakes some pampering before the celebrations begin, Diane’s thoughts are disturbed when there is loud banging at the back door of the pub. She opens the door and is shocked to see her younger sister Val wearing sunglasses to hide her badly bruised face. Meanwhile, Paul is still being cold towards Siobhan despite her attempts to show him affection. It is clear that the problems in their marriage have not been rectified. Paul is preoccupied and throws himself into his work to keep busy. Later, an offer from Syd to join him at The Woolpack for the engagement party sparks another argument as Siobhan insists that they need to talk. The abortion has destroyed their marriage and it’s time to face facts. Will the turbulent couple ever be able to put the heartbreak of the termination behind them? Having promised to meet Robert, Katie is bubbling with excitement when he tells her he has a surprise for her. Insisting that she keeps her eyes firmly shut, he tells her to trust him before guiding her into the candlelit Pear Tree Cottage. Clearly impressed by his romantic gesture, Katie is blown away when Robert tells her he would do anything to be with her. Alone, they make good use of their time together and put the rapidly approaching wedding to the back of their minds.


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