Val comforts Diane as she sheds a tear over Tricia. Thinking her bruised sibling is obviously in trouble, Diane is glad to have Val stay and has got used to the idea of having her younger sister around again. Unfortunately the truce doesn’t last long as the truth behind Val’s bruising unfolds when an unfamiliar face comes looking for Val at The Woolpack, Diane is quick to presume he is responsible for her injuries. Guns blazing, Diane is about to give the ex-boyfriend a taste of his own medicine when it transpires Val borrowed money from Eugene to pay for plastic surgery and is now on the run so she doesn’t have to pay the debt back! Diane can’t believe her ears, having previously taken pity on her sister for having been beaten up. She is initially furious and makes it pretty clear that she wants Val out. However, just as disconsolate Val is about to leave the village, Diane has a change of heart and they agree to try and make amends. Meanwhile, as the big day draws closer, both Andy and Katie admit they are nervous about the impending wedding. Jack manages to help take the pressure off, by telling them he will pay for Victoria’s bridesmaid dress.


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