Marlon is at the graveyard, laying flowers on Tricia's grave. A man also arrives with flowers and the pair strike up a conversation about their late wives. The man also reveals that he had grown up in Emmerdale and was keen to move back. The man arrives at Home Farm and surprises Zoe. The man reveals himself as Tom King and states that he is a friend of her late father. Tom goes on to make Zoe an offer to buy Home Farm, telling her he’ll pay over the odds for the property. Baffled by his suggestion, Zoe tells him the family home is not for sale but she has another property he might be interested in renting. They arrange a meeting at Holdgate Farm in the morning for a viewing. Elsewhere on the estate, Carl is tending to Tate Haulage business when he catches a man in a balaclava slashing the tires on one of the trucks. Keen to protect the business, Carl is quick to leap into action and rugby tackles the saboteur to the ground. But he gets a shock when the identity of the vandal is revealed. Zoe later sings her new employee’s praises as she watches the CCTV footage back and observes Carl’s heroic behaviour. Convinced that the Dingles are behind the incident, Scott calls the authorities with his suspicions. Elsewhere in the village, Nicola decides to try and do away with Simon’s fishmonger image, as she tries to get him to wear an outfit she has bought him. But her efforts go to waste when Simon insists he is what he is and there is no point trying to change him.


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