Charity is furious as Sadie takes over Tom’s party and treats her as hired staff, ordering her about. Glamorous Sadie is in her element as the centre of attention but still manages to put everyone in their place. She also uses Sam’s instant obsession with her to her advantage and grills him on Charity’s history. Chas and Carl end up behind a curtain getting into mischief. However, Chas loses her balance and falls through the curtain half-naked, giggling uncontrollably. She gets evicted from the party and drunkenly falls into the flowerbeds outside. Marlon is shocked when he spots Carlos in the marquee and finds out that he is doing the catering for the party, just as Nicola walks past and is gob smacked to see her ex-fiance there. Will fiery Nicola be able to able to hold her tongue and not cause a scene when she is confronted with the man who jilted her and had an affair with her sister? As the party winds down, Sadie arranges everyone on the stairs to have some family pictures taken. When Tom insists that Charity should be in the pictures, Sadie sees red and pushes Charity down the stairs, before blaming Jimmy for the incident and feigning concern that Charity seems to have broken her arm in the fall. Despite the good will at the party, Tom decides to start development on the cricket ground on Monday. How will the locals react when they realise the whole party was instigated to soften the blow?


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