It’s the morning after the night before and Sadie wastes no time in bossing contractors about to clear up the debris from the party. Tom is pleased by the success of the event but comments to Sadie that it’s a shame it ended so badly for Charity and wonders if she’s okay after her fall. Meanwhile Charity is nursing her arm in a sling. It appears she’s finally met her match, as she insists to Chas she was pushed down the stairs and it was no accident. Determined not to back down, Charity puts on a brave face and goes to work. At Holdgate Farm, Charity and Tom enjoy the peace and quiet. Tom tells Charity he is fond of her; she reciprocates the compliment and they share a tender moment where Tom moves in for a kiss. Hearing Jimmy and Sadie returning home, Charity returns Tom’s kiss more passionately, hoping they will catch them in the act. As they enter, Charity triumphantly pulls away from their passionate embrace and smiles sweetly at stunned Sadie before smugly making her excuses to leave. Living with Andy again, Daz goes to visit Robert at the garage and immediately rubs him up the wrong way. Andy passes by in time to see Robert pinning Daz by his throat against the wall. Andy rescues Daz before he icily tells Robert that he’ll kill him if he lays another finger on his brother.


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