Sadie is furious that Charity has managed to worm her way into Tom’s affections. Taking her anger out on Matthew and Jimmy, Sadie tells the brothers they should have kept a closer eye on their father. Charity later questions Tom as to why Sadie appears to hate her so much. Laid back Tom puts it down to female rivalry and thinks she’s reading too much into the situation. Later at The Woolpack, Sadie collars Charity telling her she knows her game and there’s no way she’s getting her hands on the family money. Defiant Charity gives as good as she gets before returning to work. As Tom reappears, Sadie covers their argument by kindly offering Charity a lift and naïve Tom is glad the two girls appear to be getting on at last. How long can they keep up the façade before they really come to blows? Elsewhere in the village, Daz finally gets a lucky break when social services agree that he’s better off with his blood brother and allow him to stay with Andy on a more permanent basis. The locals gather to debate how they can stop the Kings from changing their community forever by developing the cricket pitch. But with the plans underway, their pleas seem to fall on deaf ears.


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