There is instant concern when Len finds Tootsie alone. Knowing that Edna never goes anywhere without her beloved dog, he raises the alarm. Before long her friends are frantically searching for their neighbour. When Tootsie begins barking ferociously, guilty Sam runs off claiming he is feeling ill. The small dog leads them to Edna lying motionless in a ditch. As Jarvis dashes off to call an ambulance, shameless Shadrach steals £40 from the victim’s purse. Paramedics and police arrive on the scene and after a broken wing mirror is found in the ditch, they confirm that it looks like a hit and run. Later, in the hospital, a frightened Edna wakes up to the news that she has badly broken her hip. Meanwhile, a melancholy Sam sits in the Dingles’ barn, distraught by what he has done and terrified he will go to prison. Will the dopey Dingle confess? Elsewhere, Cain infuriates Debbie when he dismisses the idea of her going to France. However, her mood is lifted as Niamh bids farewell to Ethan before returning to Africa.


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