Lisa and Sam return home to a smug Cain, who has been released following police questioning. However, Sam cries out in horror when he goes to his chicken coup to discover Cain has taken spiteful revenge and slaughtered his beloved chickens. Cain insists this is his vengeance as Sam was driving the car, but Debbie is disgusted with her father and tells Ethan she can’t bear to live under the same roof as a murderer. Jarvis finds a trembling Sam hiding by his shed and is shocked to hear of Cain’s behaviour. Sam admits he is frightened and goes on to confess that he knocked Edna down. Appalled, Jarvis throws Sam out, shaking with rage. Elsewhere in the village, Scott is jealous of the attention Zoe is giving to their new estate manager, Callum. Scott explains that he feels uncomfortable knowing that she is the boss. Wanting to show Scott how she feels about him, Zoe invites him to move into the house with her.


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