Unable to bear the thought that Steph has sown seeds of doubt in Alan’s mind about her intentions towards him and his money, Shelley gets up early and prepares to leave Emmerdale. Alan is shocked when he takes Shelley breakfast and discovers that she has gone and left the ring he gave her behind. Alan turns to Rodney and confesses that he has been a fool. Nicola overhears them talking and tells Steph and Viv that Shelley has done a moonlight flit. Steph is quick to offer her dad her dinner and sympathy telling him he's had a lucky escape. Tash gives Simon a card to say sorry for her unwelcome advances the previous day. When Nicola finds the card in his jacket he has some explaining to do, but before he gets a chance Nicola storms off to confront Tash at the fish and chip fan. Nicola takes a piece of fish Tash has just served and throws it at her before squirting her with ketchup. Luckily, Jarvis is on hand to stop the fight. Afterwards Simon is furious with Nicola and tries in vain to convince her he is not interested in Tash. Nicola tells him she wants Tash out of the village. Sam continues to help Edna in the garden and although she directs a few sharp remarks at him friendship blossoms between the unlikely pair. Sam starts to feel guilty about his plans to run away to Ireland. Lisa worries whether running away is the right thing for Sam to do but she tells Marlon she’d never forgive herself if anything happened to him in prison. Jarvis, meanwhile, tells Edna he’s convinced that Shadrach took her money.


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