Frank has taken Janie home as she is upset and returns to speak to Reverend Ruskin alone. He gives them both his blessing. Peggy's concerned that Jack's affair with Laura may affect Henry and George's friendship. PC Hallam looks for Jack saying he's wanted for the inquest on Monday. Matt mentions Joe may have a number for him in London. In London, Jack and Laura are at Wallace's place, they ignore the phone as it rings. Reverend Ruskin talks to George about Frank's eviction notice from Dale Properties asking if he knows them. Verney says he does. He accidentally lets slip to George that Laura and Jack's London visits coincided and a phone call to the flat confirms George's worst fears. Jack has had an offer to turn 'The Field of Tares' into a film. George tells Reverend Ruskin that Jack's gone to London with Laura. He plans to confront them both. The refurbished Woolpack opens, but the customers seem to be elsewhere. Amos eagerly awaits a visit from the brewery to inspect the premises. Laura and Jack try to make sense of where they stand with each other.


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