Henry chats to Alison in The Woolpack. She gets him to consider talking to George about Frank's eviction notice and sneakily sorts him out with a sandwich. Janie shares the news that she'll be going to the Costa Del Sol on her honeymoon but she worries about finance. Janie comments to Alison that it's obvious Henry likes her. She's shocked. Laura and Jack argue, she calls him hard. George confides in Reverend Ruskin. He fears even his servants know of Laura's indiscretions. He promises the Reverend he'll look into how he can help Frank. Jack receives a phone call in London from the police asking him to return for the inquest. Laura plans to stay in London while he returns in an attempt to sort out what she will do. Matt's work on Jameson's Farm comes to a halt as he's discovered a beam has rotted and there is risk of the roof caving in. Henry visits George for Frank, he quizzes him of Dale Properties in an attempt to help Frank and also asks George if he's heard anything of him joining the hunt. George informs him that it's not definite, he questions him on his relationship with the Sugdens and in particular Jack. Jack arrives back in Beckindale. Matt has a word with Henry about the beam. Henry wants to have a think over what to do. He chats with Reverend Ruskin and explains how he tried to talk with him about Frank and his hunting membership but George seemed more concerned about his relationship with Jack Sugden. Henry questions whether he's made a mistake coming to Beckindale. Laura telephones Jack but is distracted when George arrives.


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