Joe frets over calling to cancel the band for the barn dance. Sam attempts to write a letter to Jack with his thoughts on his new book. He is unimpressed but wants an independent party to read it and gives the proofs to Donald. Clive entertains Ruth and Ian over a few drinks at the Vicarage. He talks expansively about his plans for the mine. Ian is still against the scheme, especially now it's looking more complicated. Rod arrives with the news that he's got the explosives all fixed up and they all drink to their good fortune, except Ian who is more worried than ever. The next day Ian, Rod and Clive travel up to the mine to commence with the proceedings. Joe is relieved when the band for the barn dance call to say they've double-booked and will be unable to attend. He plans to arrange a disco instead. Sam apologises to Nellie but she insists she's not annoyed with him or Donald anymore. He persuades her to finish the kneeler. Ruth, not being able to work for worrying about Ian, persuades Joe to take her up to the mine. At the mine, the preparations are almost done as Rod fixes up the electrics. While they are still inside, Ruth and Joe arrive outside. As they walk towards the mouth of the mine, there is an explosion.


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