Pip has returned to Beckindale after being given bail by the police. She makes eye contact with Amos outside The Woolpack and runs off. Joe sees her walking past Demdyke Row and shouts her in. She admits to him that the robbery was Steve's idea but she went along with it so can't let him take all the blame. She falls asleep on Joe's sofa. Dolly receives a letter from her mother more-or-less saying that she isn't bothered about the wedding anymore. Dolly feels she's trying to shirk her responsibilities. Steve Hawker's mother goes to see Donald and asks him to tell the court that Steve isn't a bad lad. She explains that Steve's father, Tom, has never got on with Steve but he blames Pip for the situation he's in. Joe has to leave for the farm and leaves Pip a note for when she wakes up. Dolly frets to Matt about the wedding.


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