Pip leaves 3 Demdyke Row and is spotted by Mrs. Hawker. Joe arrives back and discovers she's gone. Matt and Dolly begin delegating responsibilities for the wedding between them seeing as Phyllis no longer seems interested. Annie offers to help out. Matt receives a phone-call from Polly Ferris, his uncle's daughter. She tells him she's in The Woolpack with her husband Alec and wants to see him. Joe asks Donald if he's seen Pip as she was sleeping at his and looked strained. When Donald makes it clear that Pip doesn't want anything to do with him, Joe decides to call round to her parents himself. Tom confronts Donald about his wife coming to see him about Steve yesterday. He tells Donald to keep his nose out of their business. Henry recognises Alec from somewhere but isn't sure where. Joe catches up with Pip hiding out in a barn. She explains that she has to go to the police everyday. Joe tells her that he went to her parents house and had the door slammed in his face. Pip admits that her mother won't let her return home. Joe invites her to stay with him. Tom spots them together. The Sugdens invite Polly and Alec to a meal at the farm. Henry also joins them. Polly tells them that she saw the newspaper article about the bones of Hannah Elizabeth and she noticed Matt in the background of the photograph. She and Matt work out that the last time they saw each other was at the orphanage when their Uncle Ned took her to Tasmania. Dolly invites her to the wedding and Annie invites them to stay at Emmerdale. Alec and Henry bird-watch together. Donald advises Joe that he should sleep at the farm if Pip is staying at Demdyke. Amos passes on the news to Joe that Matt's cousin is up at the farm.


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