Amos is peeved as he suspects Henry is going to be giving Dolly away at the wedding. Matt asks Joe to be his best man. Joe asks Pip why she committed the robbery and she admits she doesn't know anymore. Annie asks Henry to give Dolly away at the wedding. She's surprised when Henry tells her that Amos was hoping to give her away. She asks if Dolly can return to The Woolpack for the wedding as Joe has Pip staying at 3 Demdyke Row. Donald runs into Polly and Alec in the church and invites them to tea. Annie makes an excuse to Dolly that Henry feels like a bad omen after giving Christine away to Joe and their marriage falling apart. She's pleased when Dolly decides to ask Amos instead. Tom waits for Joe to leave 3 Demdyke Row and forces his way inside to see Pip. Mrs. Hawker visits Donald asking for his help after receiving a letter from Steve stating Pip's pregnant. She tells him that Tom has found out and gone off to confront Pip. Polly and Alec arrive for their stay at Emmerdale Farm. Tom gets Pip to pack her things and frogmarches her out of Beckindale.


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