Pip arrives back in Beckindale and finds Annie waiting for her. She takes her to the Police Station. Dolly comes face to face with Phyllis and asks her what she's playing at. Phyllis introduces her new husband, Leonard Purwick, as her new father and insists that Leonard give her away at the wedding. Amos isn't happy when he arrives back at The Woolpack to find a chair broken and the glasses not cleared away. He gets a bigger shock when he finds Dolly's up at Demdyke with her mother and 'father'. Annie discusses Steve and Pip's case with Alec. She's annoyed that nobody is stepping in to defend them. Mrs. Hawker visits Donald and tells him that she's found out Tom threatened to tell Steve that she was living with Joe unless she left the village. She's relieved to hear she's back and tells Donald that she's planning to ask Pip to live with her as she's leaving Tom and going to live with her sister in Hotten. Amos is appalled to discover Joe was responsible for breaking the chair in The Woolpack. Phyllis tries to guilt Amos into allowing Leonard to give Dolly away at the wedding. Alec agrees to use his status as a QC to try to help Pip and talks with Pip in private to establish the facts. Amos refuses to go back on giving Dolly away.


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